Rotary Club of Leighton-Linslade provides financial assistance as demand for food parcels ‘increases by 20%’

Help is at hand as demand for food parcels in Leighton-Linslade has increased by ‘20%’.

The Rotary Club of Leighton-Linslade is offering a six-month support program to the Leighton Linslade (Black Horse) Food Bank and the Leighton Linslade Helpers, so they can provide extra help to people during this difficult time.

Funding has been raised through events such as the Jubilee Fayre and the club would like to thank the community for their continued support.

Rotary President Robin Comerford with Rosie George (left) and June Tobin. Images: Rotary Club of Leighton-Linslade.

A Rotary Club spokesperson said, “These two organizations provide lifesaving assistance to a significant number of people and Rotary is pleased to add financial support and assistance to the food parcel element.

“We have put in place an initial six-month flexible financial support program which will strengthen the capacity of both organizations to provide food parcels to people in need and ensure that they never have to turn anyone away. “

Rosie George of the Leighton Linslade Food Bank said, “We greatly appreciate the support of Rotary and others who support us, without which our service would not be sustainable.

“The need is growing, but we will overcome this and we will get through it and as Christmas approaches we will, as always, find ways to make it as special as possible.”

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June Tobin of the Leighton Linslade Helpers said: ‘We are seeing an increase of around 20% in the need for food parcels with people we have never seen before so if you can donate food please put some thing in your local supermarket’s collection cart.and if you can save time packing parcels at our factory in Meadow Way, please contact us.

Rotary President Robin Comerford said, “As President of Rotary, I believe it is essential to return the charitable funds raised through the generosity of the city to the needy in the city. Our new partnerships with the Leighton Linslade Food Bank (based at the Black Horse) and Leighton Linslade Helpers (based at the Meadow Way Community Centre) will make a valuable and regular contribution to filling food parcels for local people.

“I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Rotary to thank those who support us in our fundraising and the food banks for their excellent work.”