Moneybase Wins Best Financial Institution Award

Pictured: CEO and Founder of Moneybase, Alan Cuschieri, receiving the award for Best Financial Institution

Moneybase won the Best Financial Institution award at the Malta Business Awards held on Friday October 28th. Moneybase also won a second prize for the Innovative Company Award.

Alan Cuschieri, CEO and Founder of Moneybase, said, “We are proud to have won the prestigious award for Best Financial Institution in our first year of business. We are committed to ensuring that Moneybase is offered to the highest possible standards and we are now seeing the results. I want to thank our customers for their continued support and all of our employees for producing such a great product and service.

The awards ceremony took place at the Mediterranean Conference Center in Valletta on Friday, October 28, where more than 20 local businesses received the most distinguished awards from the local business scene.

Commenting on what’s next for Moneybase, Mr. Cuschieri said, “We’ve just launched Joint Accounts, which allows Moneybase customers to switch from their personal account to their joint account and have a separate card for each, and we have more interesting features. , which will be announced early next year.

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The Malta Business Awards, presented by the Malta Chamber of SMEs and Malta Enterprise, recognize the most successful companies. The initiative awards prizes in four distinct categories: Celebrating Business, Business Innovation, Distinct Initiatives and Green Ambassadors. Moneybase, part of Calamatta Cuschieri Financial Group, is this year’s winner in the prestigious Celebrating Business category.

Independent judges selected 100 finalists from more than 300 nominations, and the winners were then selected in a second round of judging after the finalists had a chance to showcase their company’s accomplishments.

The highly anticipated event brought together over 600 guests, including finalists, business leaders and personalities, representing the hottest names in the local business community and key industry stakeholders.

As a next-generation financial platform, Moneybase provides investments and payments in a single ecosystem backed by local ISO-certified customer support. Customers can send and receive person-to-person payments, as well as make domestic and international transfers. Users can also choose to receive their salary, pension or allowance directly on their Moneybase IBAN. Moneybase customers save when traveling or making international payments thanks to the platform’s competitive exchange rates and Moneybase card’s multi-currency capabilities. Moneybase can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store and the Moneybase Mastercard can be ordered for free from the app itself. With Moneybase Invest, users can invest locally on the Malta Stock Exchange or access over 40 international markets with over 20,000 stocks, ETFs, bonds and funds through the award-winning platform. The platform also offers fractional shares and extended trading hours, which provide an additional 9.5 hours of access to the US market. Moneybase is part of the Calamatta Cuschieri financial group.

More information is available on the Moneybase website:

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