Fundraising for Jody Smetak by Fay VandenBrook : Smetak Family Financial Assistance

On Monday, July 11, 2022, Jacob Smetak was involved in a serious car accident resulting in a rescue flight to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, WA. We are setting up this page to share with those who may be looking for ways to help support the whole family as they continue

the long way to go. Below is a little insight into this special family and all that they have already endured.

Jacob is very special and like another son and brother in our family. Our families have been friends since 2004 and grew up together. Jacob’s parents, Jody and Ben Smetak, are very dedicated and loving parents and have been with Jacob by his side every day since July 11. The family travels over 200 kilometers a day to support Jacob and ensure he receives the best care possible.

Jacob’s injuries from the crash include severe brain trauma, fractured femur, broken collarbone, broken ribs and broken right foot. He underwent two brain surgeries and a craniotomy to reduce swelling and remove fluid, as well as several other surgeries for his injuries. Jacob recently went from a coma/vegetative state to a minimally conscious state. Jacob also had to undergo a tracheotomy and a feeding tube due to the severity of his injuries. however, he is now breathing on his own and was able to have his trachea removed.

Jacob has made some progress, but he now needs specialized care at a rehabilitation center for brain and spinal cord injuries. Jacob was accepted into a facility in Colorado, but it was extremely expensive and put a significant financial strain on the family. It is recommended that at least one family

The deputy is there to help in Jacob’s recovery. The stay at the rehab center is expected to last about 60 days with the goal of recovering enough to go home.

Know that this will be a way to directly help the family with expenses at this time. Again, there are no words; I hope all of our love will be felt and can help the family through this time.