Four questions: Janice Scheutzow, exec. Director of Financial Aid – News

After more than 20 years of experience serving higher education institutions, Janice Scheutzow assumes the role of Executive Director of financial aid in Hamilton. She most recently served as Director of Financial Aid at Nazareth College in Rochester, NY Scheutzow has also worked in mortgage financing, but her real passion is helping students through the financial aid process. As the fall semester begins to wind down, we sat down with Scheutzow to find out more about where he stands and his thoughts on Hamilton so far.

What prompted you to start working in finance?
I really enjoy helping people through complicated processes. Prior to working in higher education, I worked in mortgage finance and was looking forward to getting out of the corporate sector and into higher education. Being the Director of Financial Aid really gave me the perfect opportunity to do that. Mortgages and financial aid involve foreign and intimidating new processes for families. There are federal forms, terminology, it’s so misunderstood for families and I love being able to be a guide for them. My goal is to serve and support my students as best I can.

What has been your favorite aspect of Hamilton so far?
By far the generosity. Hamilton offers support in all aspects to its students. It’s not just monetary, it’s also educational and emotional. I was truly impressed with Hamilton’s level of commitment to its students and their success. I come from a school that didn’t have as many resources as Hamilton and it has been a nice change to be able to offer students options in terms of support.

What advice do you have for prospective students getting involved in the financial aid process?
I would tell them to contact us if they have any questions. There is plenty of information on the Hamilton website to guide families, but if you ever have a question about anything please call or email us. We are really here to help our families through this process and I love being able to help the students.

How much of an advantage do you think Hamilton is need blind admission is?
I think that’s a huge advantage and it’s an even greater advantage when coupled with Hamilton’s policy of meeting 100% of a student’s demonstrated need. The combination of these two policies can really change the lives of students. Hamilton also has programs like the Student Emergency Aid Society Fund (SEAS) that truly exemplify how Hamilton fulfills its mission to help all students. In terms of financial aid, Hamilton doesn’t just say it, they execute it too.