FCMB Partners PressPayNg will provide financial aid for undergraduate students

Bank of First City Monuments (FCMB) has established an essential partnership with PressPayNga digital platform for students to save and access grants and loans.

The collaboration will enable 1.5 million undergraduate students to fund their graduate school fees through targeted savings, scholarships, loans, and crowdfunding, with less stress.

To avail the offer, parents and students must download the PressPayNg app from the Playstore, then register and open an FCMB account.

Speaking at the launch event on June 1, 2022 in Lagos, FCMB Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Yemisi Edun said that this will unlock unfettered access to quality education for young Nigerians from all walks of life.

“We are proud to play another vital role in promoting education in Nigeria. Education is an essential resource for meeting the labor needs of national development. However, this resource continued to be limited by the inability of most parents and young people to obtain the financial support necessary to enroll in higher institutions and successfully graduate.

“As a responsive and caring institution, we are delighted to partner with PressPayNg to solve this problem by providing existing and prospective students with a convenient platform and a clear path to pursue their dreams in universities, polytechnics and teaching colleges.

“Beyond the funding opportunities of this digital tertiary education savings and loan product, beneficiaries also have the privilege of securing holiday jobs, which will provide them with additional financial support and build capacity.

“We are committed to helping students, parents, customers and Nigerians succeed without limits,” she said.

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